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holy cow ~ I am soooo excited! I'm going to a David Cook concert tomorrow!

how to fail at being scary

click this to see the cutest thing you've ever seen ~ (sleepy, grumpy 7wk. old tigers)



Yesterday was so awesome....

First  my boyfriend took me to play with two more tiger cubs, and I can't even express how adorable they were...

THEN he took me to the beach and asked me to marry him!  =)

I was soooo surprised; I wasn't expecting it at all!  But... I'm happy!

Edit: Removed broken picture links

Know anyone who collects Barbies?

Ages ago I collected Barbies. I have about a zillion of them, but very few that I wish to keep. If you know anyone who collects Barbies, I would be eternally grateful for you passing along this link to them:


It's a link to a barbie collecting forum where I have listed all of my dolls for sale. You don't have to be a member to view it (or to contact me, because my email address is posted there), only to comment.

I've been very busy trying to get all of them listed (I still have several more to do) and it's very frustrating.  I don't know how long it will take for them to sell, and I'm taking a major loss on all of them.  I just want them gone.  The house is way too croweded, and BJDs are the important thing, obviously.

Bellingrath Gardens BJD meetup

Kevin and I met up with Dezarii and Erica at Bellingrath and it was lovely.  I wish that I already had my new camera, but I think I managed to get some pretty decent pics anyway.

Edit: My photobucket got all screwed up, and the pics can now be found here:


Doll Factory is KILLING me... seriously

first the fennec fox, then that adorable otter, plus the mouse is cute too... this company has been killing me with cuteness.  but now they've really crossed the line.


ohmylord, the cuteness.  i have to have the black and white b-type. not any time soon, of course (unless i win the lottery) ~ they're cheap, but i'm pretty broke.


~I need your opinion!!!!~

I really hate my point and shoot camera, and i am thinking of getting a new one.  i've found one that i'm really interested in, and from everything i've read about it, i only have one concern...

the battery life is estimated at 260 pictures (i assume that this is with flash).

what do you think about that?

i mean, i know nobody can decide except for me, and nobody reading this has any clue about how many pics i am capable of taking at once, but i just want your opinions... would that be enough shots for you (on vacation, at a doll meet) ?  for those of you who use point and shoot cams, how many does your camera get?

i'd really appreciate any input!


also, i got my b-el today! he's really cute and his faceplate fits his head much better than my sist's face does.  sadly, he is no longer here... he's on his way to canada for a faceup... already! i didn't even get a day with him! but i'm really excited; i can't wait to see how he comes out when belladonna finishes him.

Aquarium of the Americas

I know there are a lot of people who don't care for BJD meet-up pics for meet-ups they didn't attend, but in case you are interested :


That's the link to my DoA thread of pics from the Aquarium of the Americas (New Orleans) meetup I attended last weekend.  We had 6 doll owners and one doll admirer, and I squealed at the cute otters a lot.  It was a lot of fun.  My boyfriend bought me a cute stuffed otter because I told him the stuffed otter he bought me at the zoo back in November needed a baby.  It's pretty nice having a boyfriend who's into BJDs.

I had Isobel with me, because she's my travel companion.  

White Tiger Cubs

The weekend before last, we went to have another cub experience.  It was my third one, because my mom and I already went back to see Shena a second time, though I didn't post about that.

This time my cousin's daughter and my boyfriend went with us.  Shena is too big for visitors now, so we went to meet the new kids ~ two female white tiger cubs named Samara and Minerva.  Despite their awful (one stereotypical, and one old lady) names, the cubs are adorable and totally sweet.  One of them was very sweet and cuddly, and the other one was much more independent.  When we tried to hold her, she would try to make scary sounds, which was about the cutest (and least scary) thing I've ever heard.

We also stopped by to see lady. lady makes such a funny face when she roars.  i love lady so much.  she is a rescue lion.  she was formerly owned by a private owner who mistreated her.  when she was rescued by the zoo, she was malnourished, nearly blind, and had mental problems.  the zoo nursed her back to health, and her sight even returned! however, she has to live in a cage all by herself because her skull is covered in hairline fractures.  if another lion even batted her head playfully, it would probably kill her.  =(

Edit: Broken pic links removed.


ALSO ~~~ My Unoa B-el shipped today!  =)

must be out of my mind

i can't believe i just bought another doll. another EXPENSIVE doll. as in, costs-more-than-a-woosoo-expensive. 

assuming i keep him, i'll probably have to sell my vampire woosoo. but, ha, what can i say... i've always dreamed of having an elf shiwoo... and i just hit the paypal button, so now i do.

not just ANY elf shiwoo, but one with an ILLNESS ILLUSION faceup, and modded-on vampire fangs. 

i am soooooo happy.  i think.  i hope i love him as much as i think i will.  i have regretted so many doll purchases... *crosses fingers*

*pics by caddyvamp and illness illusion*

why don't i ever know if i'm doing the right thing?  i can't believe i might be selling one of my woosoos... i mean, i'm his ORIGINAL OWNER.  how many woosoo-owners can say THAT? i've never sold anything i wasn't sure about selling before.... how can ANYONE be SURE about letting a woosoo go?  it must be possible, i know at least two of my LJ-friends have done it! geeeeeeeez.

someone tell me i'm not insane?